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A new shopping experience: Explore Kate Spade's digital townhome this Autumn

New York brand Kate Spade is inviting its customers to shop its Autumn 2022 collection in a whole new dimension - via the metaverse.

In addition to online shopping, the brand offers an interactive space where clients can shop for new bags while exploring a virtual New York townhome. The immersive virtual world is set to launch September 7th on Kate Spade's official site.

The three bags for sale in this virtual experience are the Dottie small bucket bag, Sam Icon mini tote, and Patisserie 3D croissant clutch - the last of which will only be made available for purchase via the Kate Spade official website.

The brand debuted its physical two-day pop-up shop in New York in April, and is now extending into the virtual space. Here, shoppers will be able to explore from room-to-room, eventually ending up in the kitchen where they can purchase the exclusive croissant clutch. Throughout the rooms of the townhouse, users can click on icons to engage in co-creating activities. For example, the rose portrait clicks through to an interactive colouring book (as shown on the photo above). However, shopping isn't the only activity for customers throughout this experience. It will also include customisable Kate Spade wallpapers that let visitors contribute to a "kindness wall" and a record player where you can play music, too!

The virtual townhouse is a trial run and the first step for Kate Spade's own metaverse strategy. From multiple interviews, Kate Spade's CMO, Jenny Campbell says that she is intrigued by the opportunities to connect with consumers through gaming. While the brand does not have plans for NFTs yet, the potential these hold for democratising access to the fashion space is also appealing, she adds.

In the fashion world, Kate Spade isn't the only brand exploring new technologies in order to appeal to customers. Most recently, Nike launched an in-store AR experience and Estée Lauder takes part in Metaverse Art Week. However, Kate Spade's direction seems to skew towards a more community-based direction.

"This idea of community coming together, that feeling, really lends itself to immersive storytelling," says CMO Jenny Campbell. "It's not something you want to do only in 2D."

Through gamification from previously successful physical experiences and tying it with access to popular bags, Kate Spade is working to create experiences that in hopes will drive deep customer engagement. In doing so, the brand is tapping into technologies that exist to create something that can generate genuine emotional connections to consumers and communities.

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