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Embark on an Egg-citing Journey: Cadbury's Worldwide Hide Brings Joy Worldwide

Cadbury once again delights chocolate lovers worldwide with its annual Worldwide Hide event, allowing participants to playfully hide chocolate eggs for their loved ones to discover. The campaign celebrates the cherished memories shared between hiders and seekers by spotlighting real-life clues left behind by past participants.

Following on the success of previous years, Cadbury is introducing an outdoor campaign featuring 12 captivating posters, each adorned with real clues gathered from the experiences of over 300,000 participants in the Worldwide Hide.

Charlotte Parkes, senior brand manager at Mondelez International, expressed the brand's enthusiasm, stating that Cadbury focuses on fostering generosity in the world, and through this campaign, they embody the same spirit. Showcasing & honoring the special moments captured in the clues by participants underscores the heartfelt significance of hiding an egg for someone you love.

The campaign also includes a captivating social media series featuring authentic stories from individuals selected through a street casting process. These stories will be showcased across popular platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

In an innovative move for the Worldwide Hide initiative, VCCP collaborated with Cadbury to produce ten 30-second Spotify ads tailored to specific playlist interests on the music streaming platform.

Zoe Stock, creative director at VCCP London, emphasized the emotional depth of participating in the Worldwide Hide, stating that by participating in this campaign, participants tend to reminisce about special moments and places to hide their egg, which also brings back the memories of funny times, memorable vacations, or even inside jokes. This year’s inspiration was taken from clues that were genuinely sent out by the public, holding deep meaning for only you and one other person in the world.

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