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Dunkin' into the OREOverse with Martha and Meta

Oreo, the famous cookie business, has built its own Metaverse with OREOverse, an immersive online world where fans can compete and engage in cookie-themed digital activations.

The brand is rolling out the OREOverse with a limited-edition cookie called 'The Most OREO OREO OREO'.

Known as the brand's most playful cookie, the Most OREO OREO OREO is one that is made of two chocolate cakes filled with players of "Most Stuf" cream, and for the first time, its cream has a piece of real OREO in it.

According to its public announcement, the drop of the cookie will come with different prizes that include a $50,000 contest, various gaming consoles and VR headsets for the ultimate digital experience. To do just that, fans must keep an eye out for the weekly Oreo code in the OREOverse – with the trick having to play every day for a chance to win instantly!

"We're excited to enter the metaverse! OREO is the cookie that begs to be played with and we love creating new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share in this playful spirit," said Julia Rosenbloom, Senior Brand Manager at OREO.

"The Most OREO cookie offers fans a whole new way to play with us. By scanning its packaging, fans can 'immerse' in the new world of OREOVERSE."

The games in the OREOverse range from "Stack Stuf," where fans will have to build the most OREO cookies, to "Rocket Stuf," where fans will have to inflate the most OREO cookies and air for the stars.

From this campaign, you will be able to play in the OREOverse two ways: by "Dunking right from your computer/mobile device", or by experiencing it in VR. To do the latter through Meta Quest headsets, you must download the Horizon Worlds app and search for "OREOVERSE" in the worlds tab.

With its foray into the digital realm, Oreo is also collaborating with famous cookbook writer and personality Martha Stewart. No stranger to Web3 herself, Martha has debuted her own NFT collection named "Fresh mint" in 2021, and now is in the works with Oreo's freshest project.

While the OREOverse games are based off Meta's platform, various other consumer goods businesses are also looking into the virtual realm as an avenue to reach the gaming world. For example, McCain Foods, the firm behind the famed McCain fries, has partnered with Roblox and NFT=themed eatery Bored & Hungry in October 2022 to educate audiences on regenerative agriculture. Similarly, Unilever's well-loved Magnum ice cream has also built a virtual museum in Decentraland – a platform virtually known for digital assets.

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