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Disney Outlines Its Metaverse as 'Next-Generation Storytelling'

Walt Disney is looking to get into the metaverse, a report from LA Times says. The company, known for providing realistic experiences bringing its characters to life in various ways through amusement parks, will be working towards keeping up with new ways to tackle future strategies by merging the real and digital worlds together.

The Burbank entertainment giant is looking to create a strategy influenced by futurists, tech executives and metaverse executives. The company is calling this "next-generation storytelling."

Mike White, the Disney exec working on that space, had met with senior leaders on a metaverse strategy. White has been reportedly meeting with leaders in numerous Disney businesses, preparing a task force to tackle the latest emerging tech. On another note, CEO Bob Chapek has also expressed his support towards the metaverse, referring to it as the "third dimension of the canvas" for creatives as of February earlier this year.

The report says a Disney parks exec had published an essay addressing a future where wearables would be used to "transcend the physical and digital barrier." In other metaverse news, Nissan and Toyota have entered the Web3 space, while Nike and RTFKT have announced their first digital sneakers.

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