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Courting Greatness: AR with a purpose by Reebok

Reebok just launched a new augmented reality tool called Courting Greatness that lets smartphone users scan a surface to visualise the dimensions of a basketball court on their phone screens. The AR feature aims to bring basketball to those without access to courts. An AR tool with a purpose.

The tool overlays court features on walls, fences, alleyways, and the like through a smartphone camera. The mobile-web experience can be launched using a smartphone to scan a QR code on Reebok’s website. Try the experience by scanning the QR code below.

“We are continuously inspired by athletes who reimagine competition and find alternative ways to play. Courting Greatness will help create access for these kids—and players of all levels and walks—whether they have a court or not,” Reebok’s head of U.S. marketing Inga Stenta said in a statement.

Reebok has also partnered with New York art and fashion collective New York Sunshine Install Team to create an art installation at 29 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, which includes a playable court made with recycled industrial material

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