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CONTEN.T x Guinness St. Patrick's Festival AR Filter Collage

What other brand than Guinness comes to mind when you think of stout? With St. Patrick's Festival going strong this March, Guinness extends its St. Patrick's Festival experience to honour the well-celebrated culture of camaraderie that's often found at pubs, with a tech-driven approach this time around.

Working with Guinness, we came up with an augmented reality filter feature to combine technology and friendship with an AR Filter Collage to encourage Guinness customers to celebrate together and make St. Patrick's Festival this year one for the memory books. Keeping to the theme of "Getting the Gang together", we've worked on four St. Paddy-themed filters that incorporate Augmented Reality technology - embracing the virtual COVID trend of bonding over drinks with friends and family online.

This Guinness AR feature lets friends capture the celebration together virtually through a unique QR code that allows up to 6 people in a single collage and 4 fun filters to play around with. The 3D AR filters are made for a polished look and feel with each one customised specifically to feature a Guinness pint that customers can virtually hold to "raise a glass" to the occasion. Not only that, the collage can be generated and accessible in real time where the photos will be revealed instantly to friends as you submit your selfie to the fun collage.

The scan-to-participate picture collage encourages users to get creative with four playful Irish-themed face filters that they can share with drinking buddies. To top it off, stout-lovers can also stand a chance to win rewards all month long by sharing the gang's AR filter collage via Instagram Stories. Taking into account details that go into curating a seamless user experience, we've developed the pictures to be created in 9:16 format that's directly shareable from the Guinness web-app for a hassle-free approach.

To stand a chance to win an all expenses paid trip with your best mates, you can join the nationwide sharing competition through the Guinness St. Patrick's Festival AR Collage. Look for the QR code located at bars throughout Malaysia or access it from the Guinness website all throughout March 2022.

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