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CONTEN.T X COACH: Unleashing Your Courage with an Addictive Minigame.

Coach continues to dazzle with their latest collections, and their "Find Your Courage" campaign is no exception. This innovative campaign seamlessly blends the physical and virtual worlds, featuring a virtual influencer, Imma alongside five world-renowned celebrities: Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan. Through a series of captivating videos, the campaign empowers the younger generation to embrace their individuality and pursue their passions.

Coach’s goal of the campaign was to unify the virtual and physical realms and to achieve this, we collaborated with Coach to create a mobile game to spark a wave of excitement and engagement like never before. Inspired by the campaign's theme of embracing one's full potential, the game taps into players' competitive spirit by challenging them to collect as many Tabby Bags as possible within 30 seconds. The coveted prize? A Tabby Bag of their own! Upon completing the game, players are given the option to play again, share with friends, or check out the leaderboard to fuel their competitive desires. 

Elements to craft the perfect Phygital Experience

To initiate the fun, participants could visit the Coach website, follow a referral link, or scan a QR Code at the magnificent Pop-Up booth. Transpiring in Malaysia during the month of Ramadan, the Coach Pop-Up was a magnificent display and crucial to executing the perfect phygital experience which beamed positivity with the crescent and the moon adorned around the pop-up surrounded with bright colors found in Coach’s Tabby Collection. To warm hearts even more, Coach set up a cart that worked not only as a display of Tabby Bags but generously also handed out complimentary pre-packed dates, allowing visitors to break their fast during Ramadan.

But the excitement didn't stop there. Our team at CONTEN.T crafted an immersive tunnel within a giant Tabby bag at Pavillion Bukit Bintang, captivating passersby with mesmerizing 3D animations. The result? Long queues of eager individuals waiting to step inside and snap a picture.

Beyond the thrill of the gaming experience lies a deeper purpose, to fulfill Coach's objectives of raising awareness for their campaign, driving foot traffic, collecting user data, and, most importantly, empowering individuals to find their courage. Through the strategic placement of QR codes and engaging experiences, we encouraged participants to find their courage.

The immersive delight of the 3D experience

The 3D animation was a key part of the pop-up’s display as it was essential to attract foot traffic to immerse themselves in the experience by appreciating the animations while also grabbing a photo-op. Based on the experience, we ideally would have made people feel as if they’d want to be more involved or learn more about the experience. With that, a QR Code was strategically placed at different parts of the pop-up for people to take action, leading them to the game.

The response to the tapping game was phenomenal in the sense that it truly encouraged the nation to join in on the fun and compete for the highly desired Tabby Bag. Through the gamified experience, we were able to achieve 7 Million Tabby’s sent with over 30,000 user data collected. This gamified experience not only entertained but also drove traffic to Coach's online store, where users explored the collection and shared their experiences with others.

By leveraging our proprietary data aggregator, SUPERFAN, we provided Coach with valuable first-party data insights such as demographics and user behaviors, paving the way for future campaigns to be even more impactful and engaging.

If you haven’t had the chance to play the game, don't wait any longer! Visit the Coach website now and experience the excitement for yourself.

Interested in Gamification for your next campaign or building an experience on our SUPERFAN data framework? Drop us a line at

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