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CONTEN.T x Coach 3D Pinball Challenge

Coach has just released a vibrant array of new accessories for the Summer Signature collection. Known for its iconic monogram pattern, the collection flaunts bright vibes to its most popular styles of apparel, accessories and footwear for both men and women. The designs infuse heritage styles and excitement to warm weather outfits to get you ready for summer this time around. Think vibrant colours and high energy here!

To further elevate this campaign, we've worked hand-in-hand with Coach to create an interactive 3D Pinball game, inspired by everyone's favourite arcade game infused with a touch of the Coach Summer collection.

We amped up our creative gears and threw it back to recreate a 3D version of the classic Pinball - decorated in Coach-inspired design and the convenience of seamless play. Visually, the game design takes cues off the Coach Summer collection's colour palette that radiates energetic summer vibes.

The 3D Pinball game is easy to play - just hold and drag to launch the ball to initiate gameplay. Then, tap on either sides of the screen, controlling the flippers to deflect the ball from falling off the Pinball set up as it moves. To earn points, aim toward the bumpers within the interface and bounce the ball around. While you're reliving your memories playing the game, don't forget to pay attention to the subtle details! The bags featured from the Summer collection and Coach's signature monogram patterns are some of the subtle details we've incorporated into the 3D game design. Ensuring a smooth user experience, we've also made sure it be hassle-free to play. Take on the Coach 3D Pinball Challenge with no downloads required. Just scan and play to relive your childhood!

The Coach 3D Pinball Challenge is now available to play throughout Singapore and Malaysia. To play, scan the code here and browse the Coach Summer collection while you're at it! Don't forget to submit your scores to qualify for gift redemptions in-store.

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