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CONTEN.T x BONIA 'La Luna' Monogram AR Experience

After three decades, Italian-inspired lifestyle brand BONIA introduces their latest monogram design 'La Luna', inspired by the changing phases of the moon and the brand's long history of intertwining heritage, artisanship and the contemporary fashion movement.

For its 48th anniversary, BONIA, the quality leather goods brand introduces a new logo and monogram. To officiate and celebrate its craftsmanship of elegant, timeless classics, the new La Luna monogram represents the moon's changing phases and the house's long history of intertwining heritage, artisanship and the contemporary fashion movement it represents.

The new monogram is a visual representation of a link of cursive lines and intertwining B's that form crescent shapes lying against each other - a symbol of BONIA's recent rebranding journey. The harmonious infinity shape that results from it encapsulates the brand's stories, its heritage roots of craftsmanship and its never-ending fighting spirit.

To add life to the La Luna Factory pop-up, we have collaborated to create the La Luna Monogram AR experience to complement the creative industrial concept.

To play the La Luna AR game, launch it by scanning the QR code to enter. From there, interact by moving closer, pinching, rotating and observing the visuals. Then, take a wild guess on how many Luna Phases are in the La Luna Monogram AR experience. Submit your answer and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes.

The BONIA 'La Luna' pop-up is located at the Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court from 8th to 14th August 2022.

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