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Updated: May 18, 2021

The Coach family once again assembles for Coach’s latest Mother’s Day campaign. The newly released campaign continues the optimism and positive spirit of the Coach Family series, showcasing short films and photographs where the muses of Coach – including Jennifer Lopez, Kōki, Paloma Elsesser and more – celebrate the woman that means everything to them.

Apart from the exciting Mother's Day Campaign, as long time collaborators, they hit us up to create a custom greeting card digital service that can be done directly on web and shared on messaging apps to mom's. So that's exactly what we did.

The customisation include their campaigns stickers, as well as a custom message to your mom.

All you needed to was head to Any Coach outlet and scan the QR code to customise your Mother's Day message. This not only drove more footfall but also kept Coach as a part of Mother's Day celebration which is a powerful way of keeping customers coming back.

Key Analytics

With every campaign, at the end of the day the most important thing is whether we achieved the objective for any of the brands we work with. Check out the data below:

Try out the experience for yourself, link below:

Don't forget to drop us a line if your brand is looking to explore the potential of future AR-powered campaigns, let's leap into the future one AR campaign at a time.

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