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Chobani launches an Oatmilk Cosmic Race on Roblox

Racers will help contribute to an important social cause with donation from Chobani to Hunger Free America.

Chobani officially enters the metaverse with the launch of "Chobani Oatmilk Cosmic Race" on Roblox. Now open to the Roblox community, Chobani's first metaverse experience focuses on group racing and discoverability. Participants enter a race through a virtual galaxy in Chobani Oatmilk spaceships delivering oat milk to planets. Finish the race to claim victory, leaderboard bragging rights, and in-experience rewards - including custom Chobani merchandise.

Chobani regularly finds ways to ensure the company is giving back, and "Chobani Oatmilk Cosmic Race" aids in that mission. Racers completing the course are awarded points, which are mirrored and totalled in the charity chart. When the target goal is reached, Chobani will make a donation to Hunger Free America of $75,000.

"Making accessible, high-quality, nutritious products, including oat milk is important to us and with this game, we're taking a fun and creative approach to how oat milk could be seen and used by everyone," said Meredith Madden, Chief Marketing & Category Officer, Chobani. "Bringing whimsical moments to life, especially in a virtual environment, is a. great way to test new ideas and attract new dance to our brand in a playful and engaging way."

The game, now available to play on Roblox, is designed to bring a scene from Chobani's latest oat milk commercial to life. In the national advertising spot, Chobani Oatmilk appears in various recognisable cultural moments to show that oatmilk can be inclusive and for the masses. The commercial features Chobani's catchy custom song called "G.Oat," which is available in most streaming platforms.

Through strategic partnerships and custom media, this marketing campaign extends Chobani's mission of making good food for all. chobani entered the oat milk market with a miss to make it more accessible - and has delivered. Oatmilk is one of the fastest-growing segments in the non-dairy milk category, increasing 50.3% YOY. Chobani is proud to be one of the leaders driving that growth, with 56.4% Nielsen reported net sales growth.

About Chobani

Chobani is a food maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to more people, while elevating our communities and making the world a healthier place. In short: making good food for all. In support of this mission, they are values-driven, people-first, food-and-wellness-focused and have been since 2005. Chobani produces yogurt, oat milk, dairy- and plant-based creamers, and ready-to-drink coffee. Chobani yogurt is America's No.1 yogurt brand and is made with only natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

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