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Carolina Herrera launches Augmented Reality E-commerce Experience

Fashion brand Carolina Herrera has launched a new augmented reality experience (AR) that allows customers to get up close and personal with its latest clothing collection. The web-based augmented reality experience (WebAR), developedPowered by 8th Wall, the experience is integrated into the company's e-commerce website and allows customers to place holograms of models wearing selected garments in their homes to enhance their online shopping experience.

The WebAR feature is accessed by tapping the new "3D Experience Available" button, which is prominently displayed on select product pages on the e-commerce website Carolina Herrera. Once the feature is activated, customers can use their smartphone to place a model in their own space wearing their chosen style. From jackets to dresses, the virtual models give customers a better perspective on clothing in terms of size and movement, helping them make purchasing decisions.

The WebAR experience does not require an app to be downloaded as it is integrated into the Carolina Herrera website, resulting in a seamless experience for customers. Customers can access the augmented reality feature directly from their web browser and return to the product page. The company explained that adding augmented reality as part of the e-commerce experience transforms a flat digital experience into something physical by placing the item in the customer's physical world, similar to how customers are used to interacting with a product in-store.

The WebAR experience can be accessed instantly via iOS and Android smartphones by tapping on selected apparel items on the Carolina Herrera website. To save yourself the hassle of searching through all the items to find one that works with the experience, click here (works on mobile devices only).

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