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Budweiser's “Heritage Collection” NFTs Sold Out in 1min!

Budweiser is certainly no stranger to new innovative directions. They recently purchased "beer.eth", which is a domain for web3 on Ethereum, spending 30 ETH ($144k at the time of writing) to acquire and cementing their status as the King of Beers in the metaverse.

So it is no surprise that an NFT launch was part of the plan, which they just recently launched. The "Budverse Cans Heritage Edition" is the first NFT from Budweiser and it is not just another JPEG collection or digital collectible. Apart from allowing collectors to own a piece of Budweiser history, it will have future utility by acting as a “key to the Budverse”.

Kicking off this NFT series, the King of Beers expands its empire into the metaverse with a whopping 1,936 one-of-a-kind digital cans to add to one’s collection with a series that pays homage to the year the brand sold its first can. The pale lager company taps into the archives of its history using classic photos, ads, and design documents, staying true to its roots of America’s Best-Loved Brewery and Beers.

Each NFT lets collectors in on exclusive access to rewards and surprises, with each NFT as an entry key to the Budverse. Among the collection of 1,936 artworks include 36 super rare “Gold NFTs” that feature the firm’s most iconic heritage cans. These exclusives come with VIP tickets as a passport to all Core NFT benefits and hyper-exclusive, gold-only access to the “best experiences in Budverse and beyond”.

Budweiser’s “Heritage Collection” sold out less than an hour after its release at 1p.m., netting the brand roughly $984,000 in profit. Which alcoholic beverage brand that you think will enter the metaverse next?

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