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BLACKPINK's Lisa brings Chivas Regal to the Metaverse

Attendees will have the opportunity to flex their style with custom avatars which they will use to experience Regal Planet.

For the next phase of Chivas Regal and Lisa's partnership, the whisky brand is venturing into the metaverse for its first-ever virtual experience.

Dubbed 'Regal Planet', the immersive, virtual experience will feature the BLACKPINK star and offer attendees the chance to utilise custom avatars, visit the 'Rise Up' welcome lobby and interact with other guests. Attendees will also be able to visit the 'Hustle Area,' which allows them to learn more about Chivas and its extensive range of blended whiskies. 3D bottles will also show visitors how to recreate signature cocktail recipes and showcase the perfect serve.

For those based in China and Malaysia, a virtual vending machine will allow fans to purchase select Chivas expressions. Elsewhere, the tour through the experience will take guests to the 'Regal Stage' which will see Lisa talk about her partnership with Chivas and host an exclusive Q&A session for fans.

Lisa will also show guests how to make her signature Pink Spice cocktail, with a finale resulting in a virtual fireworks display and the opportunity to capture a virtual selfie with Lisa herself.

'Regal Planet' will begin through a ticketed event November 27 for fans from China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

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