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Automotives Enter The Metaverse with Mercedes Benz's NF-G Project

German luxury automotive brand Mercedes-Benz collaborates with crypto artist collective ART2PEOPLE for an NFT project.

"This project is about the digital art world intersecting with the hand-made craft and past of the motoring world; merging these two spheres together to bring an 'OG' into the world of NFT and establishing it as an NFG,"


The project enlists five talented artists who have created unique digital interpretations of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. These artists include Baugasm, Antoni Tudisco, Klarens Malluta, Charlotte Taylor x Anthony Authié and Roger Kilimanjaro, who deliver powerful and unique sensory experiences in short-form video format with accompanying audio.

The NFT artworks range from $222 to $1554 USD, and buyers who participate will be given raffle tickets for a real-life G-Wagon.

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