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AR Experiences Will Save Physical Retail

The concept of Augmented Reality has opened up many doors, giving the ability for brands to turn everyday spaces into unique, timely must-see destinations - drawing crowds to experience, capture and share.

AT&T Stadium embraced the technology with a 5G-enabled augmented reality concept, converting the ordinary venue into 5G-enabled digital playgrounds.

They featured 80ft football players, who were transported outside the stadium and onto the field using AR. Throughout the game, players' performance and statistics were enhanced and brought to life in augmented reality.

As online shopping takes over a vast share of retail sales, companies are re-imagining retail spaces as an opportunity to extend the consumer experience.

Microsoft used Projection Mapping

to bring its NYC flagship windows to life, grabbing attention crowds to stop and watch. They took advantage of its high-visibility Fifth Avenue retail space to bring a permanent artistic installation to the neighbourhood featuring carefully curated Digital Materials, designed around the primary concept that appears as an extension of the store's facade and not just another digital screen.

Microsoft Flagship Store: Digital Space on Fifth Avenue

Another example of good use of AR is General Mills' cereal brand Fillows

with the launch of the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme and Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll flavours.

The marketing team got creative with ideas and experimented with something new and different to elevate the product in a well-established and crowded space.

The interactive Fillows Mini-Game allows shoppers to interact with the packaging - both in-store and at the breakfast table. They made it happen by incorporating a WebAR concept using image targets, as a series of interactive puzzles including a challenging Pac-Man style breakfast game that lets consumers play right on its box.

Of the many examples, these are a few concepts adopted by different industries that incorporate AR into their strategies. Moving forward, businesses will have to move with times to adapt accordingly to remain relevant.

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