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ALO YOGA's New Digital Collection Makes Waves at Paris Fashion Week

Alo introduces a gender-neutral digital wearable assortment accessible across 1000+ metaverse and social media platforms, offering a blend of wellness and activewear to the virtual realm.

Alo Yoga has unveiled its gender-neutral digital wearable collection, which will be accessible on more than 1000 metaverses and social media networks. The company has collaborated with prominent platforms such as Zepeto, Roblox, Decentraland, The Sandbox, ReadyPlayerMe, RecRoom, VRChat, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram to make the collection available to the public.

The launch of the digital fashion collection coincides with Paris Fashion Week, which is held twice a year to showcase the latest collections from the world's top fashion designers. In recent years, the fashion industry has shifted towards the digital world. The collection is designed to promote mindfulness in the virtual space and celebrate digital identity. It includes the Alo Accolade Hoodie, Accolade Sweatpant, and canvas Bucket Hat.

“We had more leggings being worn in the metaverse last year than we did in real life, and we want to continue solidifying our presence within the digital realm, signifying both our investment in our community and in digital worlds, as the importance of digital identity and expression become more and more important.” Angelic Vendette, Global Head of Marketing at AloYoga.

This digital fashion collection was created in partnership with Sawhorse Interactive, with whom Alo Yoga had previously collaborated to design their Sanctuary in Roblox. Despite the different platforms involved, the aim was to create an outfit that could be used across multiple platforms.

“This project was inspired by the ambitious vision of digital clothing interoperability across the metaverse. Currently the technology on each platform is different, but to give a taste of the future of digital clothing we collaborated with Alo to create one outfit that can truly be worn across many platforms. We’re excited for the release and proud to have collaborated with our friends at Alo to truly meet fans and consumers where they are and give them a way to coordinate their look across their favorite platforms in 3D, VR and AR.” Nic Hill, Head of Interactive at Sawhorse

Alo Yoga has expanded into digital fashion after previously achieving success with web3 projects, including launching their Aspen Collection NFT in the form of digital certificates and partnering with Obsess and Meta to create the first Virtual Reality store in February. The company also made headlines in June when it announced that it accepts cryptocurrency as payment and allows employees to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency.

This new collection is an exciting blend of physical and digital fashion, enabling customers to express themselves through their fashion choices across various platforms and providing a unique fashion experience.

“Web3 is quickly becoming the future of fashion and wellness, and Alo is eager to meet our community where they are in their everyday lives.” –Danny Harris, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AloYoga.

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