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Alexander McQueen's Creative Platform Creates NFT With an Immersive AR Experience

Alexander McQueen's blockchain-powered creative platform, MCQ, continues with the launch of its first NFT collection.

At its heart, the label is a technology-driven platform that encompasses an ever-shifting creative collective, with each new creative cycle that gives collaborators the complete freedom of expression. Much like NFTs, each self-contained project feels distinctly unique, yet part of a greater collective.

One feature of MCQ that can be fully unlocked using the technology we have today is item tracking and true authentication. Each icon presented by MCQ is fully traceable via its digital platform MYMCQ - a first-of-its-kind system that uses blockchain and NFC technology to unlock innovative features. Not only can MYMCQ deliver historical information on entire archives, but is also a media hub where anyone can interact with the brand, access behind-the-scenes content, interviews with collaborators and other creatives within the MCQ community, and more.

Following MCQ's blank canvas ethos, its first NFT collection offers up a virtual space for musician Object Blue and 3D artist Natalia Podgórska to communicate the brand with their personal touch.

With virtual garments from the permanent "Icon Zero" collection as their canvas, the two collaborators combined their artistry to create a virtual space full of visual and audible wonder - a journey on which one can embark, thanks to the AR experience that comes along with it.

The three-way creative collaboration comes in several parts; a digital t-shirt, hoodie, and an ultra-exclusive 1 of 1 digital and physical hoodie crafted by MCQ with an embedded NFC chip which allows the product to be registered via the brand's own blockchain. When the collection goes live, customers will be able to access the AR experience via Instagram.

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