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AI's Got Nothing on KitKat: Unleashing the Crunchy Creativity!

In a light-hearted and clever twist, KitKat has launched a new ad campaign that pokes fun at the idea of AI replacing creative jobs. As concerns about AI's potential to wield Godlike powers and destroy the world loom, KitKat humorously places itself at the top of AI's hit list.

While other brands explore practical applications of generative AI for their creative teams, KitKat takes a more amusing approach. The company gives its human creatives a well-deserved break and lets AI take the reins, with hilariously disastrous results. They fed prompts like "write a KitKat ad the way Gen Z speaks" to an AI model, which produced robotic-sounding scripts. To add to the comedic effect, a voice synthesizer delivers the AI-written script, and the AI art generator, DALL-E 2, generates imagery.

The campaign playfully showcases AI's flaws, with the text and imagery riddled with artifacts, like hands with six fingers and a quirky interpretation of the KitKat logo. The ad effectively self-mocks AI's limitations, and viewers can't help but empathize with the struggling AI models.

This campaign follows KitKat's tradition of timely and creative ads, such as the clever KitKat lockdown posters during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the campaign humorously puts AI in its place, Melanie Chen, Nestlé's Head of Marketing Confectionery, emphasizes that AI won't be replacing jobs in their industry anytime soon, albeit with some caveats.

However, the rapid advancements in Generative AI could soon render some of these flaws obsolete. The progress of text-to-image AI in just one year is impressive, and voice synthesizers are becoming increasingly believable. It's only a matter of time before AI image generators can flawlessly handle text as well. The challenge may lie in creating copy that sounds genuine and human-like.

In the end, KitKat's witty campaign highlights the evolving landscape of AI while also celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of human minds. As technology progresses, we may witness AI's capabilities and limitations transform at a remarkable pace, leaving us to wonder what imaginative endeavors lie ahead.

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