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adidas Enters the Metaverse with Sandbox Land

What Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based Metaverse that will feature a unique open world where players can buy plots of land and build on them to their liking. Currently it is the second biggest metaverse by market-cap behind Decentraland. The Sandbox sets itself aside by having a more game focus and at the same time they have a number of big brands already that secured land on the Sandbox including Atari, and most recently catching buzz, Adidas with their adiverse.

A recent tweet sent out by Adidas showed that they have secured a decent size land in Sandbox and are planning something. Teasing their followers that something big is about to happen as they officially reveal their entrance onto the metaverse. With Nike collaborating with Roblox for Nikeland, it is no surprise that Adidas has also made a move at their Metaverse plans.

Before this announcement Adidas quietly released a secret collection of free digital collectables.

The footwear giant directed members of adidas CONFIRMED — an app for drops and exclusive content — to POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), a platform that event organizers can use to distribute crypto-badges, essentially NFTs, to attendees.

(For those unfamiliar with blockchain and cryptocurrency, POAP is a bit confusing. Check out its FAQ page for more information.)

The adidas POAP doesn't seem to commemorate a specific event, but rather functions as a way to identify its most loyal followers — members of the CONFIRMED app. adidas later tweeted a link to its POAP, opening up access to the brand's general fanbase. But by then, most of the POAPS had already been claimed.

We suspect the Sandbox land reveal and adidas POAP may be something that is tied together as the POAP may serve as some sort of utility/social token for special access within the diverse. Only time will tell.

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