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A Dream Come True? Chipotle Drops Challenge Rewarding Free Burritos For A Year!

Chipotle once again demonstrated its commitment to leveraging digital gamification as a key component of its marketing strategy with the introduction of the innovative Burrito Vault Game, offering customers the opportunity to score free burritos for an entire year.

Drawing inspiration from the immensely popular digital word game, Wordle, the Burrito Vault Game presented players with the challenge of solving two correct burrito order combinations. Participants were granted four attempts per day on April 2 and 3 to crack the code. The first 50,000 players to successfully guess the right burrito orders received a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) entrée code valid for April 4. Furthermore, all winners automatically qualified for Chipotle's National Burrito Day sweepstakes on April 4, where 53 lucky puzzle solvers were selected to enjoy free burritos for an entire year.

Chris Brandt, Chipotle's esteemed chief brand officer, expressed enthusiasm for the game's launch underscoring the game's inspiration drawn from the widespread popularity of word puzzles, which have become an integral part of the daily routine for countless Chipotle enthusiasts and team members alike.

The marketing endeavor behind the Burrito Vault Game aimed to spotlight the extensive range of choices and customization options available on Chipotle's menu. With an impressive 1.34 billion possible burrito combinations stemming from 53 ingredients, the game served as a testament to the limitless culinary possibilities that Chipotle offers.

Chipotle has been integrating gamification into its digital marketing strategy for over a decade. In recent years, the company explored the potential of the metaverse, launching various Roblox games in 2021 and 2022, including a build-your-own burrito simulator that translated into real-life free burrito coupons. Additionally, the burrito chain ventured into the realm of cryptocurrency giveaways in 2022 and forged partnerships with gaming platforms and video game releases, such as Street Fighter in the previous summer.

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